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Top Management
Sumit Gupta oversees the corporate strategy and plan for Business Solutions with a strong focus on increasing our global market and making our Clients successful – no matter where they do business. His Mantra is - “Impossible is not in my vocabulary.”
Sumit Gupta
Co-Founder & CEO
Manisha Nandy is focused on the people who matter most to us – our clients and our employees. Manisha Nandy team works to continuously improve our solutions, and client service experience.
Manisha Nandy
Co-Founder & COO
Neelkamal bansal comes with 9+ years of experience in Software industry. He steers Technical Team to stay in a leading position in Web Technologies, Building Scalable Architecture, Multi-channel Platforms using Modular Programming methodologies in an Agile environment. His Mantra is - "Imagination is the true magic carpet."
Neelkamal Bansal
Managing Director
Rahul Dubey manages our worldwide marketing, corporate communications and public relations. he is responsible for creating integrated global marketing plans that engage our Clients and help grow demand for our solutions.
Rahul Dubey
Director, Marketing
Our Team
Jai Singh
Web Graphics Designer
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